Landscape Professionals
A lot of you already know who I am and what I can do but for those of you who don't I'll give you the high-lights.  I have been working for Progressive Plants for 23 years and Native Plants before that.

I have spent the majority of those years helping landscapers find the right plants for the right job.  I have dealt with the different soil types and climates in the valley as well as some of the Park City, Heber and Oakley area. I have consulted with many of the cities in the valley as well as visited job sites to make recommendations. I have a vast network of suppliers that I am familiar with and will be able help you find the plant material that is best suited to your needs.  I am used to handling complicated projects in a professional, organized and efficient manner.

If you are over booked, overwhelmed or just need a little bit of help call me.   I'm sure I will be able to give you "A Helping Hand When You Need It The Most".